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Jessica Royans is a South Australian emerging artist with her own label, Birds Nests For Hair. She is locally renowned for her free spirited and heartfelt hand painted artwork and the accompanying quotes with which she famously adorns her planter pots.

Everything she does is magically imbued with her personal spirit and nature; sunshine and smiles!

'How does your garden grow'? We love the personality of these pots and the voluminous vases; some brimming with luscious leaves, other content in their natural elegance. Let your garden gain inspiration from this artwork.

The cotton fabric is digitally printed in Australia.


Our slim bi-fold clutch design combines wallet functionality with pretty fabrics and colourful felt linings, all carefully structured and protected by clear PVC.

The clear coin pocket lets you see your coins at a glance. The six card pockets each take up to four cards, and many smart phones (eg. iPhone 7/8 and similar Androids) will snuggle happily and well protected in behind your cash notes.
The internal layout holds the contents securely, so there is no need for an external closure.  
Take a look at the other images here as they also form part of the description. 
NOTE: Slight differences in pattern and logo placement may occur due to the cut of the fabric.

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