Lily of the valley - earrings - large circle drops

A terracotta coloured sun sinks in a pale pink sky towards a landscape of magenta, burgundy and pink hills. A path proceeds across the valley floor towards a cleft in the far mountain range.


The circle drops are 36mm in diameter.

We personally handmake our colourful light-weight aluminium jewellery range in our home studio.

Surgical stainless steel hooks for happy ears.


Internationally recognised Adelaide collage artist Kate Cuthbert has created an opus of work under her label Satin and Tat to adorn a range of our products: bi-folds, journals and jewellery.

For these works Kate's organic and free flowing process has found its inspiration in the lyrics of Bowie, Queen and The Doors. Her clean, minimalist aesthetic delves into their imagined landscapes of heightened perceptions.

Textured layers of complementary hues form a tectonic dance of planetary vision, taking us from the vales of mystery to the misting mountain tops and beyond.