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Jessica Royans is a South Australian emerging artist with her own label, Birds Nests For Hair. She is locally renowned for her free spirited and heartfelt hand painted artwork and the accompanying quotes with which she famously adorns her planter pots.

Everything she does is magically imbued with her personal spirit and nature; sunshine and smiles!

This design was created by using individual elements in a flower burst collage. So many layers of loveliness in this process. Jess started out with large free painting experiments that her 2 year old daughter Mabel created with her. From these large scale free paintings, Jess has then cut out the yummiest bits; making leaf and flower elements and adding extra layers of delicate detail to each. We photographed this collage in full sun to capture some of the shadows between the layers of paper cut outs.

The cotton fabric is digitally printed in Australia.


The Super clutch is an up-sized extra awesome version of our original Button Clutch!

Large enough to keep the essentials plus any bits and bobs you might want for your night out.

There are 3 card pockets inside and you can fit up to 4 cards in each. Simple elastic over button closing mechanism. Please take a look at the other images here as they form part of the description.

Each Kitty Came Home clutch is unique and individually striking; for their specially selected vintage fabric and button combinations in addition to the durable PVC (they're easy to clean, inside and out). As they range from colourfully bold, to classically simple, a Kitty Came Home vintage accessory can be found to suit any outfit, occasion or gift giving opportunity.

NOTE: Slight differences in pattern and logo placement may occur due to the cut of the fabric. A button will be selected as close as possible to the one in the product listing image. Where this is not possible, we will contact you with a quick and easy selection of other suitable button options.

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