Marketing in the park: WOMADelaide 2017

Marketing in the park: WOMADelaide 2017

April 05, 2017

Night-time WOMAD signs for Kitty Came Home, Sarah Rothe Jewellery and Dana Kinter Art


Kitty Came Home and Sarah Rothe Jewellery returned to WOMADelaide in 2017. Dana Kinter Art joined us and we all shared our biggest stall ever, a whopping 6 x 6 metres. 


Well-stocked WOMAD stall display: Kitty Came Home, Sarah Rothe Jewellery and Dana Kinter Art


It's always fun creating a display space. We rock up on day one with our timber and tools and ladders and lunches and it's amazing how well everyone works together given that we're all usually so separated in our individual studios. I guess being real makers means that everyone in the team has practical experience of creative projects, how things can go together, tool usage, and spatial aesthetics?


Kitty Came Home recycled pallet counter


For those with a keen eye and even keener memory, yes, that is Kitty Came Home's recycled pallet display unit. We love recycling (many of our products feature re-purposed vintage fabrics). Originally created in 2013 for our first WOMAD, this counter saw many markets before having a break. Great to still have it on-hand to help fill such a large space. $5 per pallet, a great investment.


Farley Wright, Sarah Rothe and Dana Kinter paintings at WOMADelaide 2017


Being able to build a high rear wall gave us a wonderful surface on which to hang Dana's larger artworks (seen here behind myself and Sarah Rothe). Displaying Dana's paintings in the Botanic Parkland worked a treat and they are now off to a new home interstate. 


Oldest tree in Botanic Park, WOMADelaide 2017


Speaking of the park, this massive eucalyptus feels like an old friend as each year WOMADelaide have kindly placed us facing it or close by.

Funny story: early one morning I saw the couple posting this sign and from a distance (with my eyesight) the woman looked like a Valkyrie! She was carrying a long piece of timber (which in my mind was a spear) for pushing their signs up the trees and in profile her yellow striped backpack looked like a circular shield. She could have been one of Lagertha's shield maidens (perhaps I've been watching too much Vikings...?).


Kitty Came Home - Super Clutch; Sarah Rothe - titanium earrings; Dana Kinter - ceramic bowl.


It was truly wonderful getting to work alongside Sarah Rothe again and to have Dana Kinter join us. A great team of four South Australian creatives truly committed to hands-on design and making. 

Collaborating on our stall is like curating our own little festival of the hand-made as we get to spend time together and to display each of our products in fresh settings and juxtapositions.


Left to right - Katrina Weber, Farley Wright, Sarah Rothe and Dana Kinter at WOMADelaide 2017

Image (left to right): Katrina Weber, Farley Wright, Sarah Rothe and Dana Kinter.


The happy fern above our heads was purchased for our 2015 WOMAD stall - hopefully you'll see it again in 2018. 

Thank you from Team 'Marketing in the Parkto everyone who visited our stall.

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