Custom order bundle for Brenton and Jacqui

1 standard Friday 7, and 1 x standard Thatched


These washable and re-usable non-medical face masks are handmade by the two of us in our home studio (in Goolwa, South Australia) where we adhere to good COVID safe work practices.

There are four layers of cotton fabric (one more than the recommended minimum three) and under the inner two layers there is an opening where you can insert an additional layer or filter of your own if you wish.

The mask includes a removable, bendable aluminium strip that you can form around your nose to assist with achieving the best, most comfortable fit. Gently remove the strip before washing. It may also be helpful to remove the strip if you wish to fold the mask in half for storage. Please be aware that over time repeated bending and straightening of the aluminium strip may eventually cause it to break due to metal fatigue. Please contact us if you eventually need to purchase a replacement strip.

Cleaning: we recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and drying in the sun. From an ABC news article by Doctor Norman Swan: "What will kill most germs, in fact what will kill the virus, is to wash your mask with detergent and water and let it dry."

This one size fits most adult faces, and the soft round elastics can be adjusted for comfort.

The masks are folded for postage with the aluminium strip included separately for you to insert.

Please see our Instagram story for a demo video of Katrina wearing a mask, plus other videos of our making process. A link to our Instagram account appears at the bottom of our website.

  • Please note that these masks are non-medical grade and therefore are not guaranteed to stop COVID.
  • Due to health reasons there are NO RETURNS with this product.
  • NOTE: Differences in pattern placement and minor variations in dimensions may occur due to the truly handmade, individual nature of our making and our eternal quest to achieve the best placement from each piece of fabric.