ABOUT US: We (Katrina and Farley) are Team Kitty – full-time designer makers and it IS fun, and healthy hard work, and it's truly satisfying to be able to make our living from our own efforts and creativity. Being the authors of our own fate is our exciting life adventure!

Our three industrial sewing machines stand in front of a large semi-circular window that looks out on our rear garden. The cutting table inhabits the centre of the room and our shelves of fabric range around the walls. Our fabric collection was started by Katrina’s grandmother Connie, an accomplished seamstress and an early inspiration for Katrina’s making.

Philosophically? The reality that comes from making everything ourselves is meaningful in a globalised world where products seem to just appear from no-where. Sure we could probably get everything made overseas and make more money that way, if we were simply business people. But we enjoy creative making, so we’re happy to trade the excess monetary wealth for the richness of living a meaningful life – happily making and creating.

We trust you’ll find that richness in our products.